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Welcome to the Paulsson Lab


Lab Members

Johan Paulsson, Beacon of intellectual light
Andreas Hilfinger, Postdoc
• Yoonseok Jung, Graduate Student
Ghee Chuan Lai, Graduate Student
Scott Luro, Graduate Student
Burak Okumus, Postdoc
• Laurent Potvin-Trottier, Graduate Student
• Shlomi Reuveni, Postdoc
Somenath Bakshi, Postdoc
Emanuele Leoncini, Postdoc
Ruoshi Yuan, Postdoc


Juan Carlos Arias-Castro, Visiting Scholar
• Charlotte Strandkvist, Visiting Scholar

Past Members

Anna Andersson, Graduate Student
• Meriem El-Karoui, Visting Professor
• David Fange, Visiting Scholar
• Raul Fernandez-Lopez, Postdoc
Dann Huh, Graduate Student Chemistry
Dirk Landgraf, SysBio Graduate Student
Billy Lau, Graduate Student Bioengineering
Per Malkus, Scientist & Manager
• Lykke Pedersen, Visiting Scholar
Juan Pedraza, Postdoc
• Jeanne Salje, Postdoc
Shay Tal, Postdoc
Stephan Uphoff, Postdoc
Rishi Jajoo, SysBio Graduate Student
Nate Lord, SysBio Graduate Student
Tom Norman, SysBio Graduate Student

In the lab

Group Meeting
Lab Jobs
Private Wiki

Contact Us

Systems Biology Dept.
Harvard Medical School
200 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

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